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  • Family Counseling

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    Family is everything.

    Our kids are our lifeblood, and our partners are our allies through it all.  Together, we form a loving support system that can move mountains.  But keeping the family system up and running can turn into a tricky balancing act.

    As a parent, you are an expert multitasker—juggling your kids’ homework, extracurricular activities, and changing moods—and there’s a good chance you are exhausted.  You may also have to deal with demanding work responsibilities and career decisions, combined with social commitments, running a household, and arguments over who does the dishes or takes out the trash.

    You and your partner may experience trust and intimacy issues or significant life events, which can spill into your home routine.  Your children or teens are in the middle of it all, dealing with the fears and struggles of growing up and potentially rebelling against the world.

    You are doing so much for your family.  But even in the best of times, every family has struggles.  When nothing seems to be fine, you feel like you are failing your kids, loved ones, and yourself.  You want to “try harder” or “do better” but have no idea where to begin.  And you are sick and tired of trying.

    I have been there, and so have my clients.  You are not alone.

    If you are scared, stuck, overwhelmed, or uncertain about how to help your family succeed, I can help.

    My name is Sarah Lauterbach, and I am passionate about supporting families to spark lasting change in their lives. As a family therapist, I strive to help your family overcome hardship, build stronger bonds, and learn to thrive together.

    If you are interested in exploring family therapy, let’s talk.


    Family therapy is a form of psychological treatment that addresses family issues.  During family therapy sessions, a licensed mental health professional meets with all the members of a family system (partners, children, teens, or other relatives).

    Family therapy aims to help loved ones reconnect, promote healthy roles and responsibilities, and end the pattern of damaging behaviors traveling through generations.

    Some of the benefits of family therapy include:

    • Improving parental leadership and cooperation
    • Embracing and trusting each other
    • Enhancing communication skills
    • Respecting each person’s needs and boundaries
    • Increasing comfort with vulnerability and openness
    • Gaining personal and collective insight
    • Learning strategies to navigate conflicts
    • Restoring harmony to be more “in sync” with the group


    Asking for help is never easy.  We tend to carry a stubborn narrative of “I got this” or “I can handle it” that prevents us from asking for a hand, even when we need it most.

    Facing the fact that our entire family system needs help is even more challenging and sometimes shameful.  We want to protect and care for our own, but… Does needing help confirm there’s something wrong with my kids, with us, or with me?  Have I failed as a parent?  Have I failed at raising my family?

    No, you haven’t.

    Seeking support is a brave choice and does not mean you are damaged or need fixing.  It only means you are willing to get professional guidance to navigate issues and strengthen your family bond.

    Some of the most common reasons people seek family therapy include:

    • Frequent fights or difficulties with communication
    • Disconnection or lack of interest in each other
    • Lying or mistrust
    • Divorce or separation
    • Loss of a loved one
    • Traumatic events or significant life changes
    • Children or teens assuming parent responsibilities
    • Rivalry or harmful competition
    • And more


    Therapy can help heal wounds to raise healthier families.  Family members will meet in a private environment with a therapist, without prejudice or pressure, to come together as a team and talk.  Your therapist will guide you through conversations and exercises to identify behavior and thought patterns and make recommendations to adopt moving forward.

    Therapy can support your family to regain trust, enhance communication methods to meet each other’s needs, connect on a deeper level, and realign roles and responsibilities.  The idea is to empower the group to have a loving and sustainable relationship.


    I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), which means I specialize in helping families overcome their struggles as a team.  I am committed to helping loved ones find their way back to each other to form a strong family unit.

    I provide teletherapy to couples, families, and individuals in California (Monterey, Carmel, and San Jose).

    During our family teletherapy sessions, we will meet online once a week for 60 minutes.  Depending upon your case, I may meet separately with different family members to assess needs and facilitate treatment.

    I will lead the sessions, especially at the beginning, and then let you and your family guide the conversation.

    As therapy progresses and your family feels better, we can spread our sessions even further until the end of treatment.


    There is a way to heal your family, and I’m here to help you find it.

    If you have questions or want to book a family therapy appointment, contact me today!